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Fine Peduncle

Fine Peduncle is a neo-soul performer from Knoxville, TN who loops electronics, samples, and vocals live to build psychedelic sex jams. Cole Murphy first formed this project in 2010 with the release of GLEN, an extended EP including 10 songs rich with 90’s pop culture references. His newest release, Obtect Pupa, is a 5 song EP consisting of R&B, IDM, Hip Hop, and Progressive Rock influences. With soulful singing over heavy beats, Fine Peduncle confronts issues of Sexuality, Spirituality, and Entomology. Fine Peduncle is making insects sexy.

Genre: Making Insects Sexy
Members: Fine Peduncle
Hometown: Knoxville, TN
Record Label: unsigned
What is a “peduncle”:  A slender, stalk-like part, as between the abdomen and middle section of an INSECT.  Any of several stalk-like connecting structures in the BRAIN, composed either of white matter or of white and gray matter.

On The Web!/FinePeduncle

Influences: Insects
Interests:  Sexuality, Spirituality, Entomology

Aedeagus by Fine Peduncle

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