Heavy Mojo

Steve Rifkind, the mastermind behind such groundbreaking artists as Akon, Wu-Tang Clan and Big Pun, is convinced his new group, Heavy Mojo, will take music to the next level. After seeing a video of their live show at The Astoria in London, Rifkind promptly signed the band to his SRC/Universal Motown Records label. Now their upcoming LP release, Blow Out The Sound, produced by Billy Hume (“Party Like A Rock Star”) is set to be released this summer.

Heavy Mojo is a six-piece genre-bending hip hop and rock outfit from Atlanta, Georgia. Their sound combines mainstream melodies (Maroon 5) with urban beats (The Roots) and classic guitar riffs (Led Zeppelin) that is fused together with 70′s soul (Sly and the Family Stone). The group is fronted by three MC’s and backed by a powerful band on guitar, keys/bass and drums.

Heavy Mojo is the winner of the 2006 Global Battle of the Bands. Their live show is a highly energetic and unparalleled experience that grabs the audiences attention from the first beat dropped to the last riff hit. Heavy Mojo’s songs have already been placed on high-octane multi-platinum sports video games, television shows and skate videos.

“From the first minute I saw Heavy Mojo in concert, I knew I had my next superstars. Their live show left me at a loss for words…It’s an added bonus that they have big hits and an incredible album to go with it. They will be a major act for years to come.”

- Steve Rifkind, CEO of SRC/Universal Records

Genre: Rock / Alternative / Hip Hop
Members: B – Dirty,  Priest Shooby, Simon Stone
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Record Label: Mojo productions

Website:  http://www.HeavyMojoMusic.com


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