Jungol, comprised of two brothers and one long-time friend, has created a sound that is a clear standout in the realm of experimental rock. Sometimes moody and ethereal, sometimes loud and complex, Jungol’s music stretches across a landscape of emotions, while always keeping its focus on the song.

“Much of the respect for Jungol by the Atlanta music community comes from the sheer originality of their songwriting, as well as their impressive technically skilled experimental style.” Performer Magazine

Founding members Josh and Graham Yoder have inhabited Atlanta’s rock scene with various ensembles since their high school years. Multi-instrumentalist, Zack Varner, joined the group from 2005 to 2009. Drummer Jason Monseur, the formidable force behind Jungol’s expansive beats, joined the brothers in 2003 and together, they have spread Jungol’s unique brand of rock across the U.S. They’ve toured the southeast relentlessly since forming as a group, and have since expanded nationally with tours up the east coast as well as out west.

After their debut LP received glowing reviews, the band released Places, a 6 song EP unveiled in February 2009, which showcased Jungol’s renewed musical vision consisting of more concise songs with prominent vocals. Places also demonstrated their passion for creating new sounds through the use of samplers, synths, glockenspiel, field recordings and string arrangements. Local blog Ohm Park listed Places as one of the top 10 Atlanta albums released in 2009.

Jungol hasn’t merely captured the attention of critics – on April 30 2010, the band performed before a sold-out crowd at the Earl in Atlanta GA for the release of their latest full-length album, Over the Sun and Under the Radar. The album marks Jungol’s first effort as a 3-piece and has been lauded by fans and critics alike. The use of unconventional synth sounds and strong vocal melodies drives the songs on OTSAUTR. Jungol followed up the release with a tour up the eastern seaboard before heading back to Atlanta to begin work on new material.

“Over the Sun and Under the Radar presents the refined sound resulting from the immense growth and exploding creativity of a band that has been relentless on Atlanta’s music scene.” The Silver Tongue

In 2011 the guys in Jungol have stayed busy as usual, putting their efforts into several new releases as well as some most recent and unique performances in their hometown of Atlanta. These performances include opening for Echo and the Bunnymen, opening for Free Moral Agents (Featuring Ikey Owens from the Mars Volta) and an acoustic opening set before Gogol Bordello’s show in April. Jungol’s headlining local concerts continue to be explosive sellout events, dressed with LED lights, theatrics and a crowd of singing fans reluctant to stand still.

Jungol is currently working on material for their next album while also keeping busy with a full touring schedule. Expect to see them all over the country this summer and fall.


(some things other people said)

” There are bands that find their niche in the local music scene, and then there are bands that create one of their own.  Jungol is an example of the latter, having forged their own path in Atlanta and beyond.”
-Performer Magazine 2010 (Featured Band June 2010)


“The album stays true to Jungol’s indefinable experimental path…thriving tribal beats, soaring guitar riffs, electro pop power and skyrocketing and passionate vocals that will no doubt carry Jungol and Over the Sun and Under the Radar to the glory that they both undoubtedly deserve. ”
-Beatlanta (on OTSAUTR)

“This is pop, catchy and hook-heavy, masquerading as artful, angular prog, and it’s simply brilliant. Few Atlanta records this year sounded this polished… or thrilling.”
-Latest Disgrace 2011 (Top 10 Best Atlanta Albums of 2010)

“Jungol/ Best Local Experimental Music Act/Runner Up/Reader’s Pick”
-Creative Loafing best of 2010

“They have found a way to distill all of their knowledge, built upon years and years of sonic experimentation, into sharply focused pop with an uncompromising quantity of artistic depth.-Ohmpark 2010 (On OTSAUTR)

“Over the Sun and Under the Radar“ -Ohmpark – Best 50 ATL albums of 2010

“Places” -Ohmpark – Best 20 ATL albums of 2009

Genre: Rock / Electronic/ Experimental
Graham Yoder (guitar, vocals, sampler, glockenspiel, percussion)
Jason Monseur (drums, percussion, vocals)
Josh Yoder (vocals, bass, synths, keys, guitar)
Andres Miller (vocal, synth, sampler, guitar)
Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Influences: David Lynch, BladeRunner, Terrance Mckenna, Woody Allen, good coffee
Band Interests: coffee and stuff

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JUNGOL by Jungol

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