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Professor Zero

This music of Professor Zero (a.k.a David Baranik) has been ever-evolving over the past three decades and continues to push the limits and possibilities of digital sound while stimulating the minds of the masses. Through the years, Baranik has been in numerous projects including Swoon 19, The First Stone, and The Funktron Bomb where he played bass and electric guitar. Baranik’s vast musical background and love of electronic music prompted him to create the persona of Professor Zero.

Now, as Professor Zero, he continues to create abstract electronic dance mixes that are assimilated for aural pleasure. The music is created using five to ten desktop samplers, synthesizers, and modules, which makes the replication of any given performance nearly impossible. Even Baranik himself can never create the same mix twice. 2011 is sure to be a great year for long-time Professor Zero fans and music lovers. New performances have been scheduled in the SouthEastern US, mixes have been posted, and throughout 2011, never heard tracks will be released every month. Get the first batch here:

Electronic/ Dance/ House/ Trance/ Jungle

David Baranik

Atlanta, GA

Record Label

Continuous high energy mixes and dance tracks covering all genres of electronic music. Ideal for late-night clubbing and “extra curricular” activities.

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Information in Motion by professorzero

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