Trances Arc

This Atlanta, GA quintet deliver a perfect amalgam of rock hedonism and cunning arrangements, resulting in a memorable and compelling collection of confident rock songs which blur the line between the indie and pop rock worlds with its plaintive, yet bold vocals and infectious guitar interplay.

“With its twin guitar attack, [Trances Arc] recalls the glory days of Georgia indie-rock then slips into a slithery T. Rex groove.”
- Brian Mansfield, USA TODAY

“Trances Arc upholds early ’90s alternative rumble as the new classic rock. Nearly every track comes as catchy and compelling as the one before, and the straightforward production suggests that the fivesome won’t falter when these rugged tunes hit the road.”
- Barry Walters, eMusic

“The music of Trances Arc is familiar and therein lies their charm. It’s instantly memorable, marked by tight musicianship, larger-than-life hooks and Eric Toledo’s stellar vocals.”
- Jonathan Sanders, News Editor at Stereo Subversion

“enough classic rock roar and catchy hooks to satisfy both harder rockers and pop-centric purists.”
- Lee Valentine Smith – Georgia Music Magazine

“Energetic and flatly enjoyable straight up and down indie rock is what they do. Trances Arc is just likeable as all shit.”
-Murmur Magazine: Savannah, Ga

“XOXOX is a gem of indie pop goodness, a swirl of melody, hooks and layered vocals.”
-Steve Wildsmith – The Daily Times: Knoxville, Tn

“This album could have been made 30 years ago. The music harkens back to the days when rock was never without its roll, and there wasn’t any pretense to be anything else. Eric Toledo’s vocals reign supreme here. Whether it’s a soft, tender ballad or a frenzied, high-energy rock song, his voice is lively, passionate and captivating, adding to the skilled musicianship that is the rest of Trances Arc.”
-Kat Coffin – Southeastern Perfomer

“Trances Arc could redeem alt rock with the sincerity, songwriting chops and vocal dexterity on display on their 2008 album XOXOX.”
-Shane Harrison – Atlanta Journal Constitution

“The stylish corners and waxy glow are only the door-opener for Trances Arc. The keen, gently curving arrangements slalom from buzzing British mod (“Parliament”) through soul-soaked ballads that never get soggy (“Champagne Wishes”) to dreamy, new-wave rave-ups such as “Tell Me Where You’re Going,” without missing a hook. Tasteful, atmospheric shimmer and punchy melodies balance in an alluring package on their debut, XOXOX, proving sweet but not sickly, confident but still demure. ”
- Creative Loafing – Atlanta, GA


Trances Arc – Boom City by favoritegentlemen

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